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 Answer:  Warranties only cover manufacturer defect. Any kinds of damages due to acts of nature (weather damage) are not covered. The warranty can be found in the back of your instruction manual.

 Answer: In a warranty case, pictures and the receipt showing the date of purchase must be provided to Sunjoy. Receipts and photos can be sent by e-mail at 

 Answer: You are more than welcome to send any complaint to our site at any time to voice an issue and we will be more than glad to pass it to the appropriate department or do whatever we can to rectify the situation personally.

Answer:  The item number can often be found on the instruction manual, the fabric label, the canopy or QR code etc. If you are still unable to find it, please send an e-mail to Sunjoy at with pictures of the product for identifying. 

Answer:  Yes, you may order from our site 

Answer: You can review the complete return policy on our site or you may email to inquire about returning your merchandise within 30 days of the original delivery date. Please note that some returns may incur a 15-20% restocking fee. Shipping and handling for returned items is non-refundable.

Answer: Firstly please make sure the returned items match the criteria of Sunjoy's return policy and you may request a return on the return center of Please follow the instruction to fufill the returning.

Answer: While we strive to get things to our customers as quickly and efficiently as possible shipping can take up to 10-15 business days.

Answer: Yes, Sunjoy works with Kandu in US makes your assembly simplified. Please click on to get your assembling service

Answer: As of now, I’m proud to inform you that we have now few videos on YouTube for our best seller gazebos.

Answer: It is best advisable to have the gazebo built onto a wooden deck or concrete ground for stability. If it is to be build onto a wooden deck/ground, do ensure that the wooden deck/ground has a strong foundation. It is advisable to use expansion bolts to anchor the gazebo onto the wooden/concrete ground.

Answer: Your gazebo may or may not have drain holes/grommets. Drain holes/grommets are for excess rain to prevent water from weighing down or puddling on the fabric.

Answer: Ensure that your gazebo's structure is assembled correctly and we suggest lightly wetting the canopy before attempting to put the canopy on as this will allow more "flexibility" to the fabric.

Answer: Warranties vary between products, but generally for a brand-new product the warranty is one year from purchase date. If it is a replacement part, it is 6 months from the purchase of the replacement.

Answer: Warranties can be easily found in the instructional manual that is packaged with each product. You may also find general warranty information on our website

Answer: Receipts and photos can be sent by e-mail thru our website Contact Us icon to submit a ticket

Answer: Yes, there is a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty on all replacement parts

Answer: We're sorry you are dissatisfied with the terms of your warranty; however, the company at this time does not offer a warranty for weather damage; only for manufacture defects. However, we would be glad to place a replacement order for you, so that you may enjoy your gazebo. I would also suggest, if possible, that you contact your homeowners’ insurance to see if the product is covered. Because the Sunjoy warranty covers our products that range from Miami to Winnipeg, Sunjoy offers a warranty that ensures our products withstand mild weather conditions ranging in all of our customer’s climate zones. Sunjoy suggests dismantling your product during inclement weather.

Answer: If you bought it at Sam's, BJ's, or Costco or any stores they can look up your order based on your membership number and get you a copy of the receipt. If you used a credit card or debit card to purchase from any other store and you have the approximate date of the purchase, they should be able to provide you with a receipt. Any online order placed there should be a confirmation in your e-mail or that store online customer services should be able to provide you with a copy. Most large retailers will keep a copy of your receipt on file. Remembering the approximate date of your purchase will help. Most credit card companies offer this service as well.

Answer: You may do this by entering the product code or item number in the search bar of and all items that go with that item number will be available to you for purchase.

Answer: The refund time frame usually takes 3-5 business days but may vary depending on your issuing or financial institution after we confirmed the receipt of returned items

Answer:Once the replacements are delivered, Sunjoy will send you a delivery notice by email with tracking number. You can track the replacements via tracking number.

Answer:We feel sorry that you're confused by the freight cost. Actually the freight cost depends on the measurement and weight of the parcel, as well as the district. Usually the replacements will be packaged much stronger in case of the damage caused during the delivery. What's more, the freight cost increased a lot in recent years.

  • 1. Our unit comes with a limited warranty coverage, some has 6 months, 12, 24, 36 some even have 84 months. The manufacturer warranty replacement for these items are for free and you may call our customer service for help.
  • 2. Warranty does not cover damage due to extreme weather conditions. Our steel components for garden accessories and furniture are treated with rust inhibiting paint that protects it from rusting. However, due to the nature of steel, surface oxidation (rusting) will occur once these protective coatings are scratched. This is not a defect and thus not covered by the warranty.
  • 3. Also, Warranty is to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. Any replacement of warranted items will be in the original style and color, or a similar style and color if the original is unavailable or has been discontinued.


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